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   Initiation       Growing vertically       Mature: small vertical changes

   Decaying vertically and/or area contracting       Growing vertically with area contracting       Decaying vertically with area expanding

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Likely Storm Cells During the Last Six Hours

Satellite IR imagery with convective detection by the NOAA-CREST Thunderstorm Nowcasting team.

This is a movie of thermal infrared cloud imagery from the NOAA GOES satellite with contours drawn to indicate likely thunderstorm activity. The movie loop shows imagery over the New York area.

The selection of possible storm cells is done by the Rapidly Developing Thunderstorm (RDT) algorithm developed at Meteo-France, based purely in infrared satellite imagery. It detects likely storm cells based on cloud growth rates and geometry. Automated tracking of these cells allows study of their life cycles. Future work will project these trends into the future to improve near-term (0-6 hour) forecasting ("nowcasting").

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